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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Automatic, at last

Growing up with a dishwasher is great, until you move to your own place :( Since February I've been washing my dishes by hand and it's not fun at all. I see no problem in washing kettles, pans and even plates. What I don't like is to wash glasses and cutlery.

Not my image or dishes. I found it on Google
and borrowed it. Link to original
I must blame myself a bit for not getting around to buying a dishwasher and call a plumber. Not until two months ago anyway. A friend of mine found a quite cheap table top dishwasher on Prisjakt (a swedish price comparison site), so I decided that it was time to buy one. But before I could do that I had to find a plumber, and it didn't take long once I started to look around.

2 530 SEK is around 350-400 USD

Now it was time to order the dishwasher. Since the store with the lowest price had good ratings I thought there would be no problems. Big mistake... I ordered the dishwasher believing that it would be delivered within 12 days. 15 days after I ordered it I called the store and asked if there were any problems. They said that the delivery from the manufacturer was late and it would take another week or so before I got it. If they knew this, why didn't they inform me?! Fortunately the dishwasher was delieved about a week after that.

I'm glad that I found a patient plumber. Because of the slow delivery I had made several appointments that I had to cancel. When I finally got the dishwasher I made one last appointment and since almost everything was prepaired for a dishwasher it didn't take long before it was hooked up.

Now I finally got a dishwasher and it's great not having to wash glasses, cutlery and plates. I still wash kettles and pans by hand, but that's ok :)

Unfortunatly I don't have time to write a review of The Social Network today and not tomorrow either since I have a concert with my choir. I'll be back at Monday.


  1. lol good thing you contacted them. Sometimes they take even longer if you don't notified them :P

  2. Congrats on the dish washer.
    I know the feeling.

  3. looking forward on the review :D