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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lucky winner

A few weeks ago Bergsala (distributor of Nintendo-products in Sweden) announced a grimace contest. To be able to compete in this contest you had to take a picture of yourself, with your DSi or DSi XL, while making a grimace. You could also use the photo editor in Nintendo DSi to disort the photo. The best photo would win a copy of Face Training to Nintendo DSi or DSi XL.

There was something about Face Training that I thought sounded interesting. Even though it didn't sound that interesting that I would buy the game. Therefore I decided to compete in this contest. Also, I thought it would be fun :P

I'm not very good with grimaces (at least that's what I think) so I decided to only disort the photo. I took a photo of myself with my DSi XL, opened it in the photo editor and made some disortions. I didn't disort the picture very much. I thought that it would just ruin the photo. After that I sent the picture to Bergsala and waited, but forgot about it all after a few days.

This Monday afternoon I recieved an advice of delivery from Posten (Swedish mail service) saying that there was a package for me. Since I had forgotten about the contest I had no idea why I'd gotten a package from Bergsala. I went to pick it up and when I got home I opened it. As soon as I saw what it contained I remembered everything and was very happy.

Here is the photo that I made me a winner :)

If you'd like you can read Bergsalas notice about this contest (in swedish) here:

I haven't had time to try Face Training much, but I'll write a review once I have. From what I have played I can tell you that it's quite embarrassing sometimes. There's several exercises that require you to stick out your tongue and sometimes even keep it out for a few seconds XD I'll write more about this in my review.

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